• West Chester University

    Read how WCU utlized SMS and

    immediately boosted student
    program attendance.

  • Increase student engagement with text messaging

    Mobile campaigns are the most effective way to reach your students and get them to take immediate action. With our SMS platform, you can send text messages directly to students or faculty and alumni about relevant news, fundraising, important deadlines and upcoming events. We can help you increase student attendance at events and have more participation during conferences, seminars or workshops.

    • Improve attendance at campus events
    • Send updates and reminders directly to student's or faculty's phone
    • Experience live interaction during conference, seminars or classes
    • Boost alumni contribution to during fundraising campaigns 

  • Key Features for Higher Education

    Our easy-to-use SMS platform has a wide range of features to help your

    school achieve results. Improve Student Life with Text Messaging.

    Mass Text Messaging

    Drive student engagement
    with Text Messaging

    • Coordinate student life activities and improve attendance 
    • Send instant reminders for meetings, events and programs
    •  Notify students quickly about last minute cancellations
    •  Distribute mass text messages to large groups within seconds

    Surveys, Polls & Contest

    Run surveys and polls to gain input from students quickly and effectively.

    • Allow Your student’s voice
       to be heard 
    • Get valuable feedback
      real-time during Q & A sessions 
    • Increase student attendance with Text-to-Win campaigns
    •  Gauge student attendance based on participation 
    •  Let students decide on the next committee decision


    Create engaging classroom, conference or seminars experiences.

    • Students can share their comments on a large display screen.
    • Get valuable feedback real-time during Q & A sessions 
    • Increase student engagement at your new event!
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