• Over 10 SMS Features

    We keep it simple & make it easy! Offer 20 unique features to serve you.

    Two Way Texting

    Diversify the conversation by enabling a two-way communicative experience between business owners and consumers alike.

    Mobile Coupons

    Our unique mobile coupons feature allows businesses to easily create custom one time use mobile coupons within seconds that can be added to each consumer’s personalized wallet.

    Loyalty Program

    Our mobile loyalty program feature allows you to create virtual punch cards for your customers which is a useful and effective rewards tool for your customer acquisition and turnaround.

    Toll Free Texting

    Two-way communicative experience between business and consumers using your existing toll free number.

    Mass Texting

    Through the use of this powerful marketing tool, customer acquisition and turn around is made simple and effective. Personalization is a key element that makes our SMS/MMS marketing tools so successful.


    Birthday Wishes

    Our automated birthday wishes feature will allow you to show appreciation to your customers on their individual birthdays. This feature is automated so this will be one less task that you need to perform.

    Messaging Automation

    Send text messages based on a array of subscriber events, such as joining a campaign, responding to a message, etc.

    Messaging API

    Use the SureMessenger Solutions text message API to integrate mobile messaging into any existing software or application.

    Email Integration

    Quickly and easily integrate text messaging into the top email marketing software and CRM solutions out there today. Constant Contact, AWeber, iContact, Get Response, MailChimp and Infusionsoft

    Merge Tags

    The ability to personalize each text message marketing message you send to subscribers, by using SMS merge tags in text messages.

    Auto Responder

    Create timed campaigns that capture your customer’s attention with updates and offers at the right time.

    Appointment Reminders

    With our SMS appointment reminder tool, you can confirm any upcoming appointments with ease.

  • Mobile Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    of text messages are read within 3 minutes.


    of Americans do not leave home without their cellphone.

    4.1 Billion

    text messages are sent daily

  • SMS Marketing Features

    It's Easy, Fast and Affordable!

    Text to Win

    Customize to fit your specific needs

    With our text to win feature, you will be able to capture your audience by running an SMS sweepstakes program of your choosing. Here a few initials questions we can discuss with you to create an effective campaign.  

    • Which keyword you want people to text?
    • When you want the contest to start and end?
    • How many winners you want to have?
    • What the auto response message is for people who enter?
    • What the text message to the winners will say once the contest is complete?

    We also provide some advanced settings for those who really want to customize the experience for those who engage.


    Mobile Coupons

    Promote your products and services with SMS coupons

    Built-in Redemption:

    Our built-in redemption feature that includes automated barcode creation and promotion code development will make it easy for any business to succeed.


    Reporting Tool:

    Our reporting tool enables the business owner to track open, deletion, and redemption rates simply and effectively.


    Mystery Coupon:

    Mystery Coupon will have a top layer image covering its content. Your customer will then have to scratch off the top layer in order to reveal the coupon’s offer. This fun and effective process will surely grasp the attention of any and all potential customers’ for any business.

    Birthday Wishes

    Show your customers appreciation and promote gifts


    When a business owner includes date of birth in the list of options for a customer to choose from, our system will be able to check daily for upcoming birthdays.



    Business owners will be able to personalize their message to their customers as they please. This will build a stronger business relationship in the long run.


    Include Your Coupon:

    Business owners will be able to send birthday messages to individual customers with an included coupon of their choice almost effortlessly.